Lamipak is a leading producer of high-quality aseptic packaging, committed to delivering unparalleled value solutions to its customers. Prior to 2007, Lamipak was initially focused on mass-producing paper-based packages for the food and beverage industries, it was only during this year that Lamipak officially established its brand. This pivotal moment marked the acquisition of funding and the construction of a specialized manufacturing facility dedicated exclusively to aseptic packaging.

Over the past decade, Lamipak has undergone a remarkable evolution, emerging as a prominent leader in the aseptic packaging solutions domain. Our products and services are now utilized in over 87 countries worldwide, attesting to Lamipak's global recognition for excellence. Notably, our volume output has experienced an extraordinary fourfold increase within a remarkably short span of five years. Today, Lamipak stands at the forefront of the aseptic packaging industry, setting new standards for innovation and quality. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that guarantee the integrity, safety, and freshness of products, contributing to the success of our clients on a global scale.

Lamipak was established
Launch of packaging with LamiCap
Capacity was expanded from 6 billion to 12 billion packs
Launch of LamiNatural (First sustainable products)
Launch of U-Shaped Paper Straw
Released our first Sustainability Report
Groundbreaking ceremony for Kunshan (China) and Indonesia Factory
Commission of new R&D center Kunshan (China) factory expansion
Commissioning of automated warehouse Expansion of Indonesia factory Development of new products (LamiPure & LamiSleeve)
At Lamipak we are a distinguished entity in the realm of packaging solutions. At the heart of our identity lies an ambitious vision: to become the world leader in the global food packaging industry. This vision propels us forward, guiding our every endeavor with a commitment to excellence, innovation, and global impact. With an unwavering focus on setting industry benchmarks, we aspire to revolutionize the food packaging landscape, offering cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but anticipate the evolving needs of our clients worldwide. Our dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction forms the bedrock of our mission. We strive to provide unparalleled packaging solutions that not only protect the freshness and integrity of food products but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Rooted in values of integrity, collaboration, and environmental responsibility, we are driven to shape a world where packaging is synonymous with excellence and positive global influence. Join us at Lamipak, where our vision, mission, and values converge to define a future where packaging transcends conventional boundaries.

To become the world leader in the global food packaging industry


Environmentally Friendly


Be Customers‘ Business Partner and Trusted Advisor by Providing the Most Valuable Services & Solutions



Realistic and Enterprising Spirit

Win-win Cooperation

Continuous Innovation

Kunshan Expansion

18bil. pcs/year


39bil. pcs/year

18 billion Flexo printer +

3 billion Digital Printer

Lamipak's Kunshan factory expansion in China is not just a milestone; it's a game-changer in sustainable packaging innovation. This bold move will catapult our production capacity from 12 billion to 39 billion packs per annum, meeting the surging demand for eco-conscious aseptic packaging solutions. Strategically positioned near Shanghai's international ports, this expanded facility will redefine our logistical efficiency and market impact, propelling Lamipak to the forefront of the industry.

At the heart of this expansion lies our visionary R&D center, a 798 square meter powerhouse of innovation spanning three stories. This cutting-edge facility will spearhead the development of groundbreaking sustainable packaging solutions, slashing Lamipak's carbon footprint by an impressive 50% and ensuring our future products are more recyclable. Additionally, our automated warehouse will revolutionize production processes, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

Marching boldly towards a sustainable future, Lamipak's Kunshan factory achieved the prestigious LEED Platinum certification in March 2023. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, setting a new standard in the industry. The Kunshan factory is not just a factory; it's a testament to Lamipak's vision, dedication, and passion for creating a greener, more sustainable world.

R&D Center

798㎡floor space

Automated Warehouse

Total area 5,760㎡

lanes of 21 meters high stacker crane racks

Maximum storage capacity 20,000 tons of raw paper



The Lamipak Phase II office building offers a modern and efficient space for employees and visitors. The office area is modern and spacious, equipped with advanced office equipment for an efficient and comfortable working environment. Each floor features small to medium-sized meeting rooms, facilitating teamwork and business negotiations. In addition to the office area, the building includes open leisure areas furnished with sofas and coffee tables, providing employees with relaxation spaces. A separate exhibition hall showcases the company's history, culture, and products, enhancing the company's image and facilitating communication with clients. The building also houses a gym and a yoga room, promoting employees' physical and mental well-being while fostering team cohesion. Overall, the Lamipak office building offers a modern, comfortable, and vibrant space that embodies the company's culture and spirit.

Indonesia Factory

Second factory will be LEED GOLD certified

(This will be the standard for all future buildings)

1st Phase Completion

June 2024



1st Phase Capacity

12 bil. pcs/yr


21 bil. pcs/yr


Lamipak, a pioneering force in aseptic packaging, is making strides with the launch of its first overseas factory in Indonesia, marking a significant leap in its global footprint. Nestled near Cikande, this cutting-edge facility spans an impressive 165,200 square meters, with a substantial 55,079 square meters dedicated solely to production. Outfitted with state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 machinery, when fully completed the factory will boast a staggering annual capacity of 21 billion packs, positioning it among the largest in the world.

Lamipak Indonesia is presently constructing a factory/industry with an estimated total investment value of approximately 1.9 billion USD. The facility will manufacture various products, including:

  • - Paper Straws, with an installed capacity of 3.7 billion pieces per year, slated for commercial production in June 2024.
  • - Aseptic Packaging, with an installed capacity of 9 billion pieces per year, set for commercial production in December 2024.

A portion of Lamipak Indonesia's production will be exported, while the majority will be catered to domestic demands. It is anticipated that domestic sales will help mitigate the current reliance on imported aseptic packaging products. Overall, Lamipak Indonesia's investment is expected to contribute to increased regional revenues through taxes and other levies.

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