Standard Product Range
The advantage of using Lamipaks aseptic packaging is its ability to preserve and protect your liquid content without the use of any preservatives or refrigeration. This allows much wider and more cost effective applications if you want your increase the shelf life of your product at room temperature or be able to supply it in locations where refrigeration is not available.
Brick Base
Brick Slim
As consumers become more environmentally conscious about the packages they buy, Lamipak is proud to introduce LamiNatural, a sustainable packaging solution available in our Brick product range.
Offering the lowest carbon footprint in Lamipak’s portfolio, LamiNatural has been designed with sustainability in mind. Composed of an outer bio-based polymer coating and an unbleached paperboard, there is a lower carbon footprint impact during the manufacture and transportation of LamiNatural. In addition, due to the use of unbleached paperboard, there is an added benefit of reduced chemical usage and wastage of natural resources.