Quality Assurance
Lamipak understands that the quality and food safety of the package is to utmost importance to the customer and can never be compromised. That's why Lamipak follows a stringent quality and food safety management system set in place to maximize not just the quality but also the efficiency of its manufacturing process so that the client receives a quality assured product at a competitive price.
To ensure the material in our aseptic packaging maintain a high standard, Lamipak adopts a strict screening process and cooperate with only suppliers that are well known both in other industries and all around the world. In addition, Lamipak has an in-house testing laboratory to ensure the raw materials being received all comply with international or national standards.
Manufacturing Process
During the manufacturing of our packages, Lamipak has sensors placed along the entire production line to protect its product quality. In addition, the quality department will have its staff members carry out inspection around the clock to provide accurate data on the product quality and also be used to pinpoint areas that can be improved.
Onsite Testing Laboratory
Lamipak has an onsite laboratory that is equipped with tier 1 branded testing instruments, inspect the material in different contexts such as, RCS, adhesive strength, layer weight, pinhole, moisture, thickness, folding resistance and melting index.

Professional accreditation
Lamipak has obtained a wide range renowned system certifications that shows we pass all the international standards in quality & food safety to the environment.