Circular Economy
Lamipak is aware that in order to safeguard the environment, more effort has to be put towards sustainability. One area of sustainability Lamipak is embarking on is the 'circular economy', which is an economic system designed to eliminate waste by the closing the loop on the use of finite resources.

If a 'circular economy' can be fully achieved not just by Lamipak but by all entities in our industry, all consumed products can be retrieved and put back into the cycle again. In others words, none of the products manufactured will not end up in a landfill site but instead be fed back into a closed loop system.
Our Sustainability Alliances
Lamipak knows that in order to move closer towards the goal of achieving a circular economy, it requires finding and collaborating with partners in the industry. This is why Lamipak has become members with joined the Aliance and Technological Innovation in Compulsory Resources Recycling Industry (ACTRR) and the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment (EUROPEN) as part of ongoing efforts to work with other entities who also follow a vision of creating a more sustainability business model.
The significance of joining these alliances will allow Lamipak to be better aligned with the industry regulations, government policies and communities. In addition, it is a platform that can help build and promote a greater scale of awareness on this issue and how to be a part of this movement. Finally and most importantly, by working with different companies, government bodies and communities Lamipak can be granted more access to more resources and work with others on developing sustainability projects for tomorrow’s business and environment.